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Wonder where I’ve been?

I have some explaining to do around here.
When I first launched my blog back in December, I was so excited and gung ho about it. I was on a roll: cooking, photographing, editing, and posting. I loved it. Then something unexpected happened: I found out I was pregnant.


From there things sort of spiraled downhill. For those of you who have experienced the wonderful (and by wonderful I mean miserable) symptoms of early pregnancy, you understand me when I say I completely lost energy and suddenly every kind of food became utterly repulsive. Except pizza and cold cereal, of course. So I did what made the most sense: I tried to keep blogging and fight through the waves of nausea while photographing my usually favorite foods. Unfortunately, the churning of my stomach caught up with my brain which told my eyes they needed to close for at least an hour every day, preferably while lying on the couch.
Push came to shove and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Meal planning, cooking, staging, photographing, editing, and then writing about one particular food item or meal made me want to hurl. So I stopped. I blamed my lack of blogging for being busy helping my husband grow his business. Truth, but half truth.
I wouldn’t really say I’m back to blogging regularly yet, but I will say we did something I never thought we would do: buy a minivan. I have forever and always sworn off being a minivan mom. I didn’t want to be one of “those people.” (whoever “those people” are???) I thought driving a suburban was way cooler (I still think that sometimes). However, after some great exposure to wonderful friends and families with minivans, as well as nudging from my hubby, my perspective changed. So we bought a van from my Mom who doesn’t need it anymore. I daresay it is one heck of a van, too. I’m pretty thrilled about all the spacial possibilities. My 3 year old is beyond thrilled about the DVD player.
All nonsense aside, I am happy to announce that we are indeed expecting our 3rd little bundle of squishy love on October 15. I hope it’s another boy (comfort zone here, people) but everyone else hopes it’s a girl (if so, she’ll have her Dad wrapped around her finger so tight…). Either way, we are feeling happy and oh so blessed!

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