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The Deception of Comparison

The Deception of Comparison

*I had an epiphany the other day….

I was looking at instagram posts of some spectacular women who were pregnant and working out, many of them Crossfit style. I felt pretty down on myself because they showed pictures of chiseled muscles and tiny bellies, and appeared to be the perfect looking pregnant woman. Several of the before and during pictures I saw showed six pack abs, defined muscles, and lean physique before pregnancy, and then the smallest baby bump at their current state.

My "before" picture. I was flexing hardcore and I still have loose skin from baby #3, but I was proud of seeing abs I have never before seen on myself.
My “before” picture. I was flexing hardcore and I still had loose skin from baby #3, but I was proud of seeing abs I have never before seen on myself.

Jealousy and guilt started to creep in.

Until I found two common threads with most of these women:
1. Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach, Gym Owner, Exercise Instructor, Bodybuilder, etc
2. Food

Okay, so these were not “typical”, pregnant, mom of 3 kids already, type women. These were women who were trainers, coaches, competitive athletes, and the like. Which means that they exercise for a living. They probably train more hours in one day than I do in a week. Most of them didn’t have kids yet. Most of them weren’t new to the fitness world.

Then the food.
Glorious food.
I love food. Food is an experience for me. Flavors, texture, taste, all matter significantly to me.
I eat what I want. I eat when I want. I eat treats. I eat vegetables, sort of. I eat protein. I eat fruit.
I eat food. Any kind of food. Especially food that sounds like pizza.
I don’t measure my food. I don’t meal prep my food. I don’t plan every bite for every minute in a day.
I just eat.


These women that I found myself envying, posted pictures of food or updates of food. Food scales, carefully measured portions, paleo, vegan, vegetables for breakfast, were all major parts of their diet. I quickly realized that I could look a little more like the super-women if I ate strict paleo or gluten-free or dairy free or sugar free or basically like a rabbit, but I don’t.20160414_141553

I’m a mom. I have 3 young, rambunctious, energetic, handsome, boys who require lots of time and attention from me.

20160302_171532I’m lucky to squeak in a 60 minute workout before one of them needs to pee, or eat, or get a kiss from where his brother smacked him. I’m lucky to snag a protein shake in the morning before working out. I’m lucky if I eat 2 servings of spinach in a 24 hours period because I’ll tell ya what, chocolate chip cookie dough sounds a heckofalot better than spinach at 11:55 am when you’re starving and have 3 hangry munchkins breathing fire down your neck!

Moral of the story is, I’m not a super-human-pregnant-woman. I’m a mom. I’m a pretty darn good mom. I take care of my kids and I take care of myself, in the best ways that I know how and can manage with the life and circumstances I’ve been blessed with. I have curves, love handles, and cottage cheese thighs when I’m pregnant.

But you know what else?

I can still…
Deadlift 135 lbs
Clean and jerk 95 lbs,
Power Snatch 70 lbs,
Overhead squat 70 lbs,
and do unassisted pull ups despite the extra 25 pounds I’ve already gained.

I can row, push up, burpee, squat, throw a wall ball, and complete difficult workouts.
I have biceps, delts, and traps, and I can still barely see itty bitty muscles around my tummy when I flex.
And you know what?
I feel pretty darn great about all that!

Celebrate what you have, what you’ve been given, and the current path you’re on. We’re all different and we are all amazing in our own powerful way!

6 months pregnant! Had to do a copycat of my "goals" picture.
6 months pregnant!

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