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BBQ Chicken Lasagna

BBQ Chicken Lasagna from Dish Up Delish
So I have to be honest, I am quite tired of having sick kiddos. We have lived in Idaho for 4 weeks now and my kids have been sick 3 different times. If you do that math, that's being sick almost every week. Not only do I feel bad for my babies in seeing them miserable, I'm tired, worn out, exhausted, and ready to get out of the house and play with some friends. I think we may have to do some major cleaning today to try and disinfect their rooms so these germs don't keep going around and around.   Despite Read more [...]

Sweet & Spicy Wassail

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  Wah-soul. Wuh-suhl. Wahs-sole. Wassil. An Old English saying that means "be you healthy." Thank you, Wikipedia.   A couple years ago I made this drink for a Craft Night I hosted at my house. All of the girls that came were impressed with the amazing aroma in the air, as well as the flavor of this delicious drink. It's a combination of cider, citrus fruit juice, and some spices. Perfect for a chilly morning or evening.   It's a perfect combination of spicy, tangy, and sweet, with the wonderful Read more [...]
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