I’m Karissa. Welcome to Dish Up Delish! Pull up a chair, grab a cookie, and hang out for awhile.
When I was a youngster, I remember making cookies on a “cooking show” with my little sister in our kitchen. We would separate all the ingredients into small bowls in front of us, and then talk to a pretend camera, explaining the process of making chocolate chip cookies while dumping each new ingredient in the larger bowl. I was always drawn to those cooking shows and wanted to be on one so badly.
Well, I’m not on a cooking show, but blogging about food is sort of close. Every once in a while I still imagine myself cooking in front of a camera or live audience. My mission is to provide you with delicious recipes that are family friendly, budget happy, crowd pleasing, (mostly) healthy, and great for getting on the table in time for dinner. Although fancy gourmet food is incredible and desirable, and I love it, I realize it’s not realistic for a busy family with limited time to cook, picky eaters, and normal size wallets. So I hope you can find something you enjoy here!
In addition to food, I enjoy running and working out, reading when I can, playing games with my family, watching movies, talking walks with my family, and dancing in the kitchen with my husband.
In 2007, I met my amazing husband at BYU on the Ballroom dance team. We were married within a year, and a couple years later moved to St. Louis Missouri so he could pursue Chiropractic school. He graduated in December 2013, and we are opening a Chiropractic Practice in Idaho.

A few short months after moving to St. Louis, in 2011, our first boy, Blake, was born. He is a little firecracker with tons of energy, passion, and charm. He can sweet talk anyone into doing just about anything. In May 2013, we were blessed with our second boy, Kyson. He is a chubby, happy, bundle of love. We’re happy, fun, and we love GOOD FOOD!
p.s. I was blogging over at Eat It & Say Yum for a few months with my friend, Leia, but we decided to part ways (cordially), so now I’m here at Dish Up Delish! I hope you like what you see.

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