Pulled Pork Chalupa

Chalupa: Dish Up Delish
Pulled Pork Chalupa goes back as far as I can remember in my Mom's family. It's one of those staple recipes that we always have when aunts, uncles, and cousins get together. It's served at every family reunion and family get together. I can remember countless evenings driving out to my Aunt's house in the country, walking in the door, and smelling the most delicious smell known to a kid.   It was definitely Chalupa night.   Complete with all the toppings chopped, diced, sliced, shredded, Read more [...]

Apple Cider Muffins

Apple Cider Muffins: Dish Up Delish
Apple Cider Muffins. The idea came to me when I was examining the remnants of a gallon of apple cider in my fridge, not wanting to drink it at the moment, yet not wanting to dump it, so thus, wondering what exactly to do with it. Why not substitute cider for the milk in muffins? I played around with one of my favorite brown sugar whole wheat muffin recipes and the result was incredible.   These muffins are pretty much perfect for a Fall day. Or a rainy day. Or any day. And especially for someone Read more [...]

Blake’s Freak Accident

The injury happened on Thursday night, November 14th, around 5 pm. Blake and I were in the kitchen and he had a little, soft plastic, almost soccer ball sized ball, he was playing with and kicking around. I turned my back to turn on the oven and start dinner, and he somehow stepped on the ball and fell. I didn't see what happened, but based on the research I've done and how the ball was placed, I believe he went to kick it (or move it out from under the dishwasher edge with his foot), ended up stepping Read more [...]

Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar & Pecans

Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar & Pecans2 Dish Up Delish
If you've ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner with a member of my family or extended family, and loved the sweet potatoes, here is the recipe!! The combination of sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar & pecans is pretty amazing.   So amazing that it really should be considered a dessert.   However, since Thanksgiving is all about having the most rich, delicious, and wonderful tasting foods for dinner, this is officially a Thanksgiving side dish.   One year, we spent Thanksgiving with our Read more [...]

Buttermilk Pie

Buttermilk Pie: Dish Up Delish
Buttermilk Pie. Ah, a Southern treat. This pie comes from my Dad's side of the family. He grew up in Oklahoma and still has roots there. Most Thanksgivings that I remember include this amazing pie. It's rich, creamy, custardy, and sweet. I was a little intimidated to make this pie for the first time without coaching from my Dad, but I successfully made it! And I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually was.   This handy, dandy, photo collage breaks the steps down for you. Match the Read more [...]

Marinated Steak Fajitas

Fajitas Dish Up Delish
**Original post written in November**   It's been a little quiet around my kitchen this week. On November 14, our almost 3 year old son, Blake, had a freak accident. He went to kick a ball in the kitchen and ended up stepping on it and sliding off. His foot stayed stationary on the ground while the upper half of his leg remained in motion before hitting the ground, thus breaking his femur. Our world has been rocked a bit, and I'm still working on getting on top of things. I'm hoping to post more Read more [...]

Taco Cups

Taco Cups Dish Up Delish
Since both of our husband's are in school and often have late nights at the clinic, studying, or working, Leia and I enjoy getting together and making something to eat. One night I was at her house and we were working on a new cheesecake and while it was cooking all the kids started getting hungry. Ya know, the whining, the crying, the begging for food, and swiping muffins or cookies every time they walked through the kitchen. We decided it was time to make dinner.   Leia had some leftover Read more [...]

Smokey Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili

Smokey Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili: Dish Up Delish
Smokey Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili with fresh limes. It really does taste as delicious as it sounds. When one of my dear friends had surgery a few weeks ago, I offered to bring her dinner. She was a little hesitant since her family is mostly vegetarian and gluten free. Of course I didn't let that stop me, and I came up with this incredible chili. Yes, I can be a little prideful, and this chili is certainly something I am very proud of!   It's completely gluten free and vegetarian, Read more [...]

Lemon Meringue Pie & Tips for Beginners

Lemon Meringue Pie: Dish Up Delish
I'm not going to beat around the bush here, Lemon Meringue Pie is not a walk in the park. It seems relatively simple, but it's actually very technical. And trust me, I am no expert. Yet.   The first time I ever had Lemon Meringue was the second Thanksgiving I was married. My husband grew up on this pie, and it is his absolute favorite. I figured since we'd be married for awhile, I should probably learn how to make it. My first go round with this recipe was alright. I was clueless, so I just Read more [...]

Hershey’s Magical Mint Kiss Cookies

Magical Mint Kiss Cookies: Dish Up Delish
  My life has been pretty stressful lately. Blake has a week left in his cast (only 7 days! Partay!!), our house is half in boxes and half scattered all over the place, Kyson is having issues with sleeping and food which means I'm not sleeping, and it's Christmastime! I have always, always, loved Christmas, but for some reason this year I've been having a really hard time getting into it. Probably because with everything else going on, I'm more focused on packing up boxes and eliminating junk, Read more [...]
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