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Our Huge Secret

Our Huge Secret

Late one night in early January, as I sat on the kitchen counter chatting with Scott about the possibility of expanding our family, these words accidentally popped out of my mouth:
“It would have to be now and it would have to be a surprise because I am not voluntarily going to do that.”

20160206_080759…..a few weeks later….

It was a Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was warm for mid-February in Idaho. I was relaxing on the couch while my 5 year old was watching a show and our two little’s were napping. My sister messaged me and asked if I remembered getting really bad headaches when I was pregnant. Well, no, I said, but I always felt so tired and queasy the first few weeks.

Then it hit me.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open lately.
I was exhausted. Always.
I was feeling sort of nauseous and queasy.

I’m pretty sure my heart stopped and my body froze.
No way. Not possible. Not now.

Mustering up all the courage I could, I pulled myself off the couch and into the bathroom.
Just like every other time, that little positive line showed up in about 0.002 seconds flat.
Shocked. Stunned. Overwhelmed. Surprised. All understatements.
I didn’t know what to say or do, but my eyes did, and the tears came.
I had no words so I sent a picture of the test to my husband. All he said was “Are you serious?”
“Can’t fake this” was my response.20160216_134754Dinner that night was Sweet and Sour Meatballs. I’ve got to get some pictures and share the recipe because they were so delicious! As I was preparing the food, I couldn’t stop thinking about another baby coming to our family. I was not prepared for this and it was overwhelming to say the least. I pulled myself together and headed out for the church activity I was in charge of that night. I tried to pretend everything was normal and fine and I tried to convince myself that I nobody would be able to tell I was pregnant. Little did I know, as I found out later, a friend of mine said she noticed an ever so tiny baby bump that night and wondered if I was pregnant.

Aside from the shock and awe of such surprising news, my mind was occupied with wondering how I would manage to keep this huge secret hidden while I competed in my first Crossfit Opens workouts just a couple weeks later.

Babies change everything, don’t they?
(9 weeks along, how I announced via text to our family)

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