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Meaty Queso Party Dip

Meaty Queso Party Dip

Meaty Queso Dish Up Delish

For those of you who keep up with my blog regularly, if there are any of you out there, you may have noticed me posting recipes quite frequently that you have already seen on Eat It & Say Yum. I’ve been working to get all my content transferred over, so that’s why you’ve seen the same (or similar) photos and text that is weeks and months past.

I’m almost finished transferring all of my work over to my new blog and it has certainly been a journey. I have realized that photography is a constant learning process. I remember photos at the beginning of my career that I thought were AMAZING. I was so proud of them. Then I realized what AMAZING photos really looked like and I was a little embarrassed of the pictures I posted with so much pride. Learning about photography, how to set and style food, and editing the photo is a never ending learning process.
I’m not completely proud of these photos of my Meaty Queso Dip, but it’s something I can’t re-shoot easily at the present time. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to get a better picture. For now, this will do.
This Meaty Queso Dip is extremely easy, very simple, and relatively quick. It makes quite a few servings so it’s perfect for a party. The flavors and ingredients in this dip work together in a wonderful way to bring you a cheesy dip that’s full of sausage, hamburger, smooth creamy cheese, and a hint of spice. Everyone that has tried this has loved it!
Meaty Queso from Dish Up Delish

Meaty Queso Party Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Smooth and creamy cheese dip full of sausage, hamburger, and a hint of spice.
Karissa Dodds:
Recipe type: Dip
Serves: 20
  • 1 lb. ground hamburger
  • 12 oz. ground sausage (one of the normal packages at the store)
  • 2 cans cream of mushroom soup
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder
  • ½ cup picante sauce
  • 2 lbs. Velveeta cheese, cut in chunks to melt.
  1. Brown meat in a skillet until cooked through and drain.
  2. Add meat, soup, picante sauce, garlic powder, and cheese into crock pot.
  3. Set on high and stir frequently to melt cheese. Once cheese is melted, turn to low and keep warm for serving.
  4. Serve with tortilla chips.


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