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Kyla’s Birth Story

Kyla’s Birth Story

This was the weirdest labor experience I’ve ever had.

20161017_102619 Wednesday night (10/12) my water broke sort of, and then somehow sealed back up within 24 hours. I didn’t know that was possible but I guess it is!

Wednesday night: contractions for about 2 hours,
30 minutes apart during the night.
Thursday night: contractions for about 4 hours in the night at 30 minutes apart again
Friday night: contractions almost all night at about 30 minutes apart.
Saturday night: contractions started around 8 pm, about 20-30 minutes apart, that didn’t go away.
Sunday morning: around Midnight the contractions intensified and became closer together.
1:30 am- called the midwives
“Active labor” 3-5 minutes apart, for an hour
2:30 am- One midwife arrives, contractions slow down
3:30 am- Second midwife arrives, contractions return to 20 minutes apart
around 8:30 am- Sent the midwives away and the boys to a friend’s house
3:00 PM- called my midwife to ask about taking Unisom to help relax me and let me sleep
4:00 PM- Midwife came back, administered Unisom, told me to rest and sleep
jolted out of bed every 20 minutes for a seriously intense contraction!! (my midwife stayed)
6:00 PM- ate dinner with Scott while laying on the floor
7:00 PM- Scott picked up the boys and put them to bed
around 7:45 PM – Felt an urge to take a shower and got in
While I was in the shower I told myself “I’m tired of being in labor, I don’t want to have any more contractions so I’ll just have this baby a different day because I don’t want to do this anymore.”
About a minute later I had a strong impression “This baby is coming now and she is coming fast”

20161018_190047Then the contractions felt a whole lot different. Like pressure moving downward. Almost like I needed to push.
My midwife came in to see how I was doing and I told her what I was experiencing. Then Scott came in. “These contractions are different. I feel like I kinda need to push. She’s coming soon!” He ran out and told our midwife. “Is it really possible that she would need to push?” he asked. “Ehh, I don’t know and I don’t really think so, but I’m not going to tell her that…” she said.
They came back in and I told them I was going to have the baby in the shower. “You are not having this baby in the shower!” Susie said. She dragged me out and Scott turned the water off. I jumped into the birthing tub and continued to labor there.

The contractions were still around 3-5 minutes apart but I definitely had to push. She also saw a red line on my low back that indicated I was complete (no, she never checked me the whole labor). The “ring of fire” I’d heard about from people is the real deal. I put my hand down there to support myself and calm my brain down so I didn’t hyperventilate. I couldn’t figure out how such a large head could fit through such a small space! But then on the next contraction I pushed and her head slid out.
I held my hand there and waited for another contraction. Soon after her body slid out into my waiting hands. I pulled her up to my chest and cradled her.

The cord was wrapped around her body 2 or 3 times, around an arm, and around a leg. But she never dropped heart tones the entire labor and birth process! Susie untangled her from the cord and I sat down, holding our new baby, and couldn’t believe what I had just done. Scott and I looked at each other and I couldn’t stop saying “I can’t believe I just did that!” His eyes were full of tears and he was so proud of me. Then suddenly he turned to Susie and said “We should make sure she’s really a girl!” We all giggled and sure enough, she was a girl. She was so alert and cried a little, but was also very calm and peaceful, just looking up at us and thinking about this new world she had just entered.

The entire time lapse from getting into the shower until she was born was about 1 hour. She was born at 8:50 pm, 7 lbs 4 oz, 19 inches long. Came she did and fast it was!

Once Kyla was born, the time suddenly sped up into hyper speed. The placenta was born, I got cleaned up, and Susie and her team started cleaning everything up in our room. I laid on my bed holding my baby while I watched and chit chatted a little bit. Then they did the newborn exam right there next to me while I watched. She was perfect 10 on everything in the apgar test. They also said based on some physical features (vernix, heel wrinkles, and genitals) that her body indicated she was 39 weeks gestational age, despite being born at what I thought was 1 day late. Once everything was cleaned up and 3 hours had passed, the midwives left. It was the most calm and peaceful birth and after birth experience I had ever had! We are happy she is here and feel very blessed!


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