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The Deception of Comparison

*I had an epiphany the other day.... I was looking at instagram posts of some spectacular women who were pregnant and working out, many of them Crossfit style. I felt pretty down on myself because they showed pictures of chiseled muscles and tiny bellies, and appeared to be the perfect looking pregnant woman. Several of the before and during pictures I saw showed six pack abs, defined muscles, and lean physique before pregnancy, and then the smallest baby bump at their current state. Jealousy Read more [...]

Our Huge Secret

Late one night in early January, as I sat on the kitchen counter chatting with Scott about the possibility of expanding our family, these words accidentally popped out of my mouth: "It would have to be now and it would have to be a surprise because I am not voluntarily going to do that." .....a few weeks later.... It was a Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was warm for mid-February in Idaho. I was relaxing on the couch while my 5 year old was watching a show and our two little's Read more [...]
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