Kyla’s Birth Story

This was the weirdest labor experience I've ever had. Wednesday night (10/12) my water broke sort of, and then somehow sealed back up within 24 hours. I didn't know that was possible but I guess it is! Wednesday night: contractions for about 2 hours, 30 minutes apart during the night. Thursday night: contractions for about 4 hours in the night at 30 minutes apart again Friday night: contractions almost all night at about 30 minutes apart. Saturday night: contractions started around 8 pm, Read more [...]

The Deception of Comparison

*I had an epiphany the other day.... I was looking at instagram posts of some spectacular women who were pregnant and working out, many of them Crossfit style. I felt pretty down on myself because they showed pictures of chiseled muscles and tiny bellies, and appeared to be the perfect looking pregnant woman. Several of the before and during pictures I saw showed six pack abs, defined muscles, and lean physique before pregnancy, and then the smallest baby bump at their current state. Jealousy Read more [...]

Our Huge Secret

Late one night in early January, as I sat on the kitchen counter chatting with Scott about the possibility of expanding our family, these words accidentally popped out of my mouth: "It would have to be now and it would have to be a surprise because I am not voluntarily going to do that." .....a few weeks later.... It was a Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was warm for mid-February in Idaho. I was relaxing on the couch while my 5 year old was watching a show and our two little's Read more [...]

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas from Dish Up Delish
Over the weekend Scott and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. Don't worry, I won't bore you with all the mushy, gushy details, instead you get to hear about The Time Someone Scared the Crap Out Of Me.   I ran to the store for a couple groceries before our date night. Like any other normal trip to for groceries, I unlocked the car, loaded the bags in, entered my door, put my keys in the ignition and....saw something out the corner of my eye. I nearly had a heart attack when I looked up an saw a Read more [...]

Natural Eczema Relief again

Eczema Crop
Eczema is a beast. In my previous post about Natural Eczema Relief, I wrote a little bit about our experience and the many, many things we've tried without success. Today I'm sharing some pictures and some snippets of my understanding of Eczema. Here's a couple good "before" pictures. These were taken May 24, 2014. I can't say for certain if this was the worst I've seen his skin or just sort of in the middle, but it looked pretty bad. The red, inflamed, rash you see all over his abdomen continued Read more [...]

Natural Eczema Relief

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything. I've honestly switched gears a little and I'm pursuing some other interests at this time. Especially since I'm still struggling with the whole: plan a meal, cook a meal, photograph a meal, edit pictures of food, write about food, and post it, while pregnant. Not too appealing.   With that said, today I want to share some experience we've had with eczema recently. Our sweet little Kyson, who is just over 1 year old, has been consumed with an Read more [...]

Wonder where I’ve been?

I have some explaining to do around here.   When I first launched my blog back in December, I was so excited and gung ho about it. I was on a roll: cooking, photographing, editing, and posting. I loved it. Then something unexpected happened: I found out I was pregnant.   From there things sort of spiraled downhill. For those of you who have experienced the wonderful (and by wonderful I mean miserable) symptoms of early pregnancy, you understand me when I say I completely lost energy Read more [...]

Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork from Dish Up Delish
As most of you know, I grew up in Kansas City. Which just happens to be famous for Barbecue. Especially a little joint in a gas station called Oklahoma Joe's. Fortunately, they expanded and have now opened up two very large restaurants in the suburbs of KC, Olathe and Leawood. If you have never eaten at Oklahoma Joe's, you are seriously missing out. It's better than Pappy's. Better than Zarda. Better than Memphis dry rub BBQ. Basically it's the best barbecue known to mankind. In my opinion.   Part Read more [...]

Papa Gille’s Potato Salad

Papa Gille's Potato Salad with BBQ Pork on Dish Up Delish
Some of the very best recipes I have are ones that are passed down through generations and include scribbles, fragmented sentences, confusing instructions, and no true measurements for ingredients. Those are the ones that I know are amazing. Because those are the recipes I know that my grandparents, or beyond, whipped up themselves and jotted down notes to remember, but had everything memorized because they made it so often.   This potato salad happens to be one of those recipes. I don't Read more [...]
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